ASTM A709 pipe

ASTM A709 Pipe

What is ASTM A709?

The number of bridges connecting many places over the river, railway tracks, sea and others is increasing worldwide. And so are the need for structural solid steel for building bridges that are also resistant to atmospheric corrosion and have an excellent elongation percentage. Though there are few types of such structural steels, the best is the many grades of A709 with different compositions of copper, chromium, carbon, nickel, sulphur, phosphorous, vanadium and silicon.

American standard ASTM A709 pipes with unique compositions have enough strength and corrosion resistance. Hence it is best for building bridges and other construction applications.

ASTM A709 Pipe chemical composition, properties and specification

ASTM A709 Pipe Specification

ASTM A709 Pipe Properties

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What are the grades of the A709 steel pipe?

There are a few A 709 steel pipe grades depending upon the tensile strength, carbon content and others, The carbon content range is from 0.15 to 0.20% to be low carbon steel that is not too brittle or too strong for many applications. A few of A 709 steel grades include the following.

  • ASTM A709 or 36 seamless steel pipe has a yield strength of a minimum of 36 ksi or 250 MPa
  • ASTM A 709 50, 50w, and HPS 50w are the other grades with 50 ksi or 345 MPa
  • ASTM A 709 QST 65 grade has 65 ksi or 450 MPa
  • ASTM A 709 QST 70 grade has 70 ksi or 485 MPa
  • ASTM A 709 70w or HPS 485 has 485 MPa
  • ASTM A 709 100w or HPS 690 has a minimum yield strength of 100 ksi or 690 MPa

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ASTM A572 grade 50 vs ASTM A709 grade 50

ASTM A709 grade 50 steel pipe and ASTM A572 grade 50 have identical chemical compositions but also have specific differences. It includes the uses and the tests for confirming the composition and properties.

Pipes and tubes made of ASTM A572 grade 50 steel should undergo mandatory Charpy testing for tension components to know their strength to withstand high pressure and atmospheric corrosion. If the primary purpose of A 572 grade 50 steel is best for constructing buildings, A 709 grade 50 is for building bridges.

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Where is ASTM A709 grade 50w pipe suitable to use?

The primary purpose and the ASTM specifications for A 709 steel are for building bridges. But with many grades for A 709 like 36, 50, 50w and others, they are suitable for many uses. A few of the benefits include the following, among others.

  • ASTM A709 grade 50w pipe also is weathering steel best for the construction of buildings to avoid atmospheric corrosion
  • ASTM A 709-50w pipes find many applications in several sectors like electronics, glasses, cars, military, medical & petrochemical machinery and others.
  • ASTM A 709 has high repetitive loading cycles and live-load-to-dead load ratios to be the best steel for building bridges
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ASTM A709 vs A36

ASTM A 709 and A36 are low carbon, low alloy steel with over 98% iron, to have some similarities and a few differences. Also, the A709 A 36 grade, having a tensile strength of 36 ksi, the same as A 36, has many similar properties and uses. But a few differences between ASTM S709 grade 50 steel pipe and A 36 pipes include the following, among others.

• Though the minimum yield strength of both A 36 and ASTM A 709 grade 36 is the same, the ultimate tensile strength between the two grades differs.
• A 709 grade 36 is best for building bridges, whereas A 36 is for structural and engineering purposes.

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How does the Brinell hardness test perform on ASME SA709 Corten weathering steel tube?

ASME SA709 Corten weathering steel tube is ideal for applications in moist to complex subtropical environments. ASTM A709 grade 50w weathering steel pipe used in bridges and others avoids rusting in such atmospheres. ASTM A 709 50w constructions do not need painting as it regenerates and develops continuously to the weather to form a protective coating to fight corrosion.

Cor-Ten refers to corrosion resistance and tensile strength used for building railroad coal wagons to become the best weathering steel for building bridges. ASTM A709-50w Corten steel welded pipe lasts long providing strength and corrosion resistance to bridges and in many other applications.