ASTM b725 pipe

ASTM b725 pipe

What is ASTM B725?

99% nickel alloys are expensive and best for making pipes and tubes useful in missile operations. and for aircraft materials. Monel 400, with over 50% nickel and chromium, is suitable for high-strength and corrosion-resistance applications in many industries.

ASTM B725 is the specification standard for UNS N02200 and UNS N02201, which are pure wrought nickel commercially. Also, the specifications are for UNS N04400, which are Monel superalloys with high nickel and copper content. Manufacturers complying with these standards produce pipes with excellent electrical, thermal, and magneto-restrictive properties for use in many sectors.

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ASTM B725 Pipe specification

ASTM B725 Pipe Specification

ASTM B725 Pipe Properties

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Which pipes come under ASTM B725 specification?

High-performance pipes used for aerospace and missile operations come under the ASTM B725 specification. Also pipes used for many other sensitive operations comply with ASTM standards.

Hence the specifications, apart from mandatory requirements of correct composition, ensure that the OD or outside diameter and nominal wall thicknesses should be as per the Schedule 5S, 10S, and 40S in inches. Pipes that come under ASTM B725 specification include the following, among others.

  • UNS N02200 with 99% nickel, 0.15 maximum carbon, and others like manganese, copper, iron, silicon, and sulfur in less than one percent
  • UNS N02201 is similar to N02200 but with a further low carbon content of 0.02%
  • UNS N04400 with 60% nickel, 28-34% copper, and others in small quantities

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Does ASTM B725 weld pipe rust in water?

The high nickel and low carbon ASTM B725 welded pipe does not rust in water. It is because of the over 99% nickel in UNS N02200 and N02201. Also, because of the high copper content of up to 34% in UNS N04400 with 60% nickel and other elements.

Welded pipes made per the ASM B725 specifications have low corrosion rates, even in rapid-flowing brackish or seawater. The automated welding process to make these pipes using no fillers make them not rust even in damaging environments.

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How can you maintain ASTM B725 nickel-copper alloy pipe?

ASTM B725 nickel-copper alloy pipes are expensive and used for critical applications in key sectors like aerospace, missile, power generation, and others. Hence it is essential to know how to maintain the ASTM B725 welded nickel pipe.

One of the significant causes of ASME SB725 pipes damage is corrosion, depending on the damaging environment. Hence keeping the dirt, dust, oil, grease, and others is essential for maintaining all pipes. Also, buying pipes from reputed suppliers with excellent strength and corrosion resistance will ensure long-lasting use to save money and avoid damage.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ASTM B725 pipe

There are many advantages of ASTM B725 pipe because of the high nickel content to be useful in many applications. UNS N02200 and UNS N02201 have over 99% nickel content, superior strength, and excellent corrosion resistance.

ASTM B725 tubing made from UNS N04400 Monel alloy, as per the ASTM B725 specifications, has high corrosion and excellent resistance to oxidizing and carburizing atmospheres. The significant disadvantage of ASTM B725 tubes is the cost because of the high nickel content.

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What is the purpose of ASTM B725 welded nickel pipe?

ASTM B725 welded nickel pipe’s primary design is for heat treatment applications. It has many purposes, like using it as retorts, muffles, and radiant tubes. The high nickel in UNS N02200 and N02201 makes it vital for many applications l in aerospace and missile operations, among others.

UNS N04400 has nickel above 60% and chromium around 30%, offering superior corrosion resistance even in brackish and seawater. Hence, its purpose involves many marine applications, like in the oil & gas industry.