ASTM A285 pipe

ASTM A285 Pipe

What is ASTM A285 pipe?

American Society for Testing Material International has standard specifications for weldable material for fabricating industrial boilers and pressure vessels using fusion welding. ASTM A285 is a carbon steel-iron alloy with a low carbon content of less than 0.30% complying with all ASTM specifications. ASTM 285 material is in three grades with low to intermediate tensile strength.

ASTM 285 pipe is made from low-carbon steel with low-to-moderate yield and tensile strength. Killed semi-killed, rimmed, or capped steels are useful in making 285 pipes. ASTM A285 c pipe has easy weldability and formability. Hence, it is useful in many mechanical, structural, and engineering applications.

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ASTM A285 equivalent, grades and specification

ASTM A285 Pipe Specification

ASTM A285 Pipe Properties

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ASTM A285 vs A516

ASTM A 285 and A516 are made of low-carbon steel with less than 0.30% carbon. Hence both are not brittle or ductile but have properties between the two. Since ASTM A 285 A 516 have similar compositions, they also have many similar properties But there are also differences in the composition, properties, and use between ASTM 285 C pipe and A516 pipe, including the following, among others.

  • Carbon steel A285 pipe can be from any of its three grades, A, B, and C, whereas for A 516, there are no grades.
  • Carbon steel ASTM A285 grade C pipe has a tensile strength of up to 515 MPa, whereas A516 has a lower yield strength of 260 MPa.

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What are the grades of ASTM A285 steel pipe?

ASTM A285 steel pipe has three grades, each with a specific combination, strength, and properties. A285 gr C pipe is the most used in many applications because of its high tensile strength. The following are the different ASTM A285 grades with their detailed information.

  • The maximum carbon content of the three grades, A, B, and C, are 17, 22, and 28, respectively.
  • The maximum tensile strength of the three grades is 45, 485, and 515 MPa, respectively.
  • The three grades’ maximum manganese, sulfur, and phosphorous content are the same.
  • The yield strength among the three grades is 165, 185, and 205 MPa for A, B, and C.

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Difference between ASTM and SA material

ASTM and ASME have been prestigious standardization organizations for over a century to specify standards for materials. The ASTM and ASME specification for low-carbon steel alloys is available with prefixes A and SA. Though most of the specifications of these two international organizations are similar for approving materials. there are also a few differences.

ASTM A285 grade C pipes made from C grade A285 after undergoing chemical synthesis and tension test are best for engineering, mechanical, and structural applications
SA 285 gr C pipe has the endorsement of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section II, for use in code-fabricated items.

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ASTM A285 grade C vs A36

ASTM A285 and A36 are low-carbon steels that are not expensive but popular to be useful for many structural purposes. Also with a similar composition of these two low-carbon steels having 98% iron have many similar properties, But there are also differences between A285 and A36 that include the following among others.

  • The A285 carbon content differs with the three grades from 0.17, 0.22, and 0.28%, whereas the carbon content of A 36 is 0.25 to 0.29%
  • Though the elastic modulus Young’s tensile GPA, sheer modulus GPa, and Poisson’s ratio are the same for both but with different tensile strength ultimate of 450 for A285 and 480 for A 36
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Why are ASTM A285 grade C pipes called boiler and pressure vessel steel?

ASTM A285 grade C pipe for boiler and pressure vessel steel is common worldwide because of its unique composition and properties. It is the reason that many call A285 as the boiler and pressure vessel steel.
ASTM A285 grade C carbon steel pressure vessel pipe complies with the standard specifications for use as a weldable material in the fabrication of industrial boilers and pressure vessels that use fusion welding. The specifications include the low to intermediate tensile strength typical of low-carbon steel.
Hence A 285 pipes are not for applications requiring high tensile strength but are best for fabricating low-pressure temperature-controlled vessels and storage tanks.