ASTM B861 pipe

ASTM B861 Pipe

What is ASTM B861?

Titanium piping systems are best for applications where stainless steel pipes and tubes are not suitable. It is because of its superior corrosion resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, and other properties. ASTM B 861 specifications cover 34 grades of titanium and titanium alloys. These ASTM B861 titanium alloys seamless and welded pipes are useful for nuclear, aerospace and similar high end applications

The many grades of titanium alloys have elements like vanadium, palladium, molybdenum, zirconium, silicon, niobium, and others. Many tests like hydrostatic, Eddy current test, flare, flattening, and others were conducted to check the chemical composition and other properties to comply with the ASTM B 861 specifications.

ASTM B861 Pipe specification and sizes

ASTM B861 Pipe Specification

ASTM B861 Pipe Properties

ASTM B861 Pipe Mechanical Properties

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Why is the ASTM B861 pipe suitable for elevated temperature service?

ASTM B861 pipe has titanium as the major component and other elements asper the specified standards. Also, its rich chemistry make it ideal for elevated temperature service. Hence it finds use in acidic environments in deep oil wells that need high-temperature resistance and similar others.

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio than any other metal and has high corrosion and fatigue resistance. Titanium in the solution-annealed condition provide a coarse grain structure for having excellent creep-rupture strength. Hence pipes and tubes made of titanium are suitable for high temperature service.

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What is the supply condition of the ASTM B861 seamless pipe?

ASTM B861 seamless pipe, covered by specifications of 34 grades, has many supply conditions. Reputed suppliers deliver these high titanium seamless pipes and tubes in many situations. It includes annealed or aged disease, beta transformed condition, solution treated, or stress relieved condition.

ASTM B861 specifications for the 34 grades offer many supply conditions for the customers to choose the right one per their requirements. A few of the supply conditions include hot finish, hardened, and tempered. Only the renowned suppliers offer many supply conditions for all 34 grades suitable for specific applications in several sectors.

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What is the temperature range of ASTM B-861 piping?

ASTM B-861 piping is helpful for structural applications within the temperature range of 800 1100 F or 427 to 595 C. Titanium has high melting points above 3000 F or 1688 C to be ideal for applications requiring high temperatures. But depending on the 34-grade composition, the temperature range differs.

For example, titanium and aluminum are ideal for applications up to 1400 F or 760 C. Also, if the customers do not specify, the heat treatment for cold worked pipe should be at least 1000 F or 538 C. And there is no need for further heat treatment for hot worked tubes above 1400 F or 760 C.

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What are permissible variations of ASTM B861 grade?

ASTM B861 Grade 2 is an unalloyed titanium with UNS R50400 to have no other significant elements. The few general things present in it at maximum percentages are nitrogen 0.03%, carbon 0.08%, hydrogen 0.015%, iron 0.30%, and oxygen 0.25%.

Permissible variations are allowed for pipes and tubes for the chemical composition not to affect its tolerance levels. The allowable variations of grade 2 of B861 titanium alloys include nitrogen 0.05, carbon 0.1%, hydrogen 0.02%, iron 1.2, and oxygen 0.3%. Since all the elements apart from titanium are within the permissible variations in B861 grade 2, it falls under the unalloyed titanium category.

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How is the bending test performed on the ASME SB861 pipe?

The bending test for ASME SB861 pipe and others evaluates its strength and elasticity. The simple, inexpensive, and qualitative test is used to test ASTM B861 – 14 pipe and other tubes. Easy to conduct the bending test even on the shop floor ensures pipe production consistency.

It is easy to perform the bending test for pipes as it does not need expensive equipment. A pipe in nominal diameter should be capable of being bent cold around a cylindrical mandrel that is twelve times the diameter of the tube. Even by bending it by 90 degrees, the pipe should only develop cracks suitable for some applications in various sectors.